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I am so glad I’m not having children. Even if I WANTED children, I think I would abstain. I would be too guilty to bring up a child in this messed up world of entitlement. But you know what? I … Continue reading

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Occupy/Civil Unrest

Something itching in the back of my brain is making me nervous. I don’t think my tin foil hat is on too tight, but you never know. Dissent like this, I feel, is just the beginning. I foresee this country … Continue reading

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Because I’ve been accused…

…of not posting enough chicken vids/pics, here’s Gertrude yelling at The Architect and Bubba on Saturday.

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Water storage woes

I’ve read several places that the 2.5 gallon water jugs you get at the store don’t hold up well, but I seriously miscalculated JUST how badly they hold up. I had about 20-22 water jugs in my basement. These were … Continue reading

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I love October.

It’s good for my soul. It’s also painful for my soul, as it gets the dreaming part of my brain kicked into over drive, and I desperately want at least twenty times the acreage we have (er… we only have … Continue reading

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