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Well, the slaughter was the first hurdle. The second was whether or not I’d actually be able to eat an animal I raised. I had an early and light lunch, and roasting chicken always takes so much longer than I … Continue reading

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I did it

It was absolutely sweltering yesterday, but it was pretty much the only day I could arrange with my friends to slaughter the meat chickens. Everyone arrived at about 4:30. I paced around the house with my heart in my throat … Continue reading

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My Comedy of Errors

My comedy of errors rarely quits. I awoke yesterday to Gertrude and the bunny brothers loose in the back yard. I figured this out before the dogs were let out, so there was minimal drama involved. Figuring it was just … Continue reading

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Now, I personally would have let a lawyer loose on this news agency. That said, our hero was calm, cool, collected, and polite. The editor, on the other hand, responded to a calm adult conversation by getting in this guy’s … Continue reading

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In 90 days…

…I should be down a few pounds. The Architect and I began P90X tonight, and I can only move my hands to type. We’re pretty much the laziest people on the planet, so when The Architect started making noise about … Continue reading

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I miss my blender…

…but another will arrive tomorrow. I’m a big fan of green smoothies. It’s about the only way for me to eat my vegetables, since I’m so bad at it. My $17 Hamilton Beach finally cried “uncle.” I’m sure too many … Continue reading

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