Been a while…

Been busy with the day-to-day of work, mostly. My home-based business is doing well, and in my rapidly dwindling spare time, I freelance as an artist, which has also been going well.

I sold a trio of rabbits, and have yet to find the guts to eat the rest. I need to do it soon, so I’m not feeding 6 rabbits over the winter when I don’t have to.

My garden this year was an absolute bust. Between work, and my other new projects (the rabbits and meat birds), I just didn’t have the energy to put into it.

Sadly, I had to put Lucille down about a month ago, and it still breaks my heart to think about, and she was “only” a chicken. But she was my favorite chicken.

After treating her as if she were egg-bound (hot baths, rectal… er… cloacal exams), I figured that she was suffering ascites, and retaining fluid.

I tried removing the fluid, which was an unbelievable amount; I filled a Solo cup with it, but she did not recover. She was cold and not eating at that point, and I ended her suffering.

‘Stache chicken has begun laying, at least, so now I’m back up to two actively laying birds, and it’s nice to have pretty blue eggs again. Edna-209 has yet to begin laying, although that does not surprise me, as that animal is as large as a beach ball.

‘Stache is actually quite funny. Despite trimmed wings, she still jumps/flies/climbs out of the pen, and essentially free ranges in the back yard. She puts herself back in the pen to lay and to sleep at night. It’s ridiculous and precious.

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