Well, the slaughter was the first hurdle.

The second was whether or not I’d actually be able to eat an animal I raised.

I had an early and light lunch, and roasting chicken always takes so much longer than I anticipate, so by the time it was ready, I was famished.

It wasn’t pretty – the wings had been removed for the sake of ease, we’d cut through the breast bones to make it easier to remove the organs, and I’d cut the feet off a good bit too high on this one by accident. I put some herbs in the cavity, “stitched” it all back together with toothpicks, set the bird on a bed of potatoes and carrots, and smothered it with herb butter.

The taste was absolutely incredible. More people should do this.

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One Response to Delicious!

  1. Old&quitemad says:

    There is NO chicken as good as FRESH chicken. And know, you this too.

    As for moi, I am a fan of the onion and peppers food group, but to each their own.

    Bon appetit!

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