Over it

This heat, I mean.

I spent all weekend playing musical rabbits.

Boobs and her babies are still indoors, but Buddy and the two boys who I am too much of a weenie to have processed yet are still outside.

They spent half the afternoons and evenings in cat carriers in the air conditioned house. They were certainly glad for it.

I wasn’t bringing a pair of full grown chickens and a pair of half grown chickens indoors, however.

They made do with frozen water jugs and a litter box with ice and water.

Lucille complains about the heat to me as if it’s my fault.

I hope everyone is weathering this heat okay.

October, where are you?

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4 Responses to Over it

  1. Mr October says:

    Hello, I’m Mr October. Were you looking for me?

  2. Mr October says:


    Damn this very unfriendly and restricted list of html tags that precludes me from posting this image in a response. Damn them I say.

  3. After a raccoon breached my hens’ pen and killed one hen, I brought the other three into the house in a pen every night for 18 months until I got the pen secured. It was not too bad. They sat by the back door in their cage and slept–Thelma and Louise and Fancy, my favorite.

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