I think it will be fun to tell some of the stories of my resident animals.

I’ll start with Una, the One-Eyed Wonder Chinchillas (who also has her own Facebook Fan Page ).

Una was originally sold to a family at a local Big Box Pet Store.

After a week or so, she developed a serious problem with her left eye. The family returned her to the PetStore.

It is my understanding that rather than paying to fix this chinchilla, the PetStore opted to have her euthanized at the veterinarian that was inside the store.

The vet, who had owned chinchillas before, said that there was nothing wrong with the animal aside from a badly ulcerated eye. The vet took time out of her schedule to remove the eye herself.

Una sat at the vet for a couple weeks. The veterinarian had too many pets herself, and no one else wanted her.

My friend Crash covered a shift at the vet office, and asked about the chinchilla when she noticed her.

The staff told her the story, and Crash offered to take Una home.

When Crash moved to a new house, she offered Una to me. I figured another chinchilla wouldn’t make a difference, as at the time I had 12 (I used to breed and show chinchillas – I am down to three total now).

I would have figured that after such and ordeal, Una would be shy and nervous. Surprisingly, she’s the calmest, friendliest chinchilla you’ll ever meet, and she’s very photogenic. :)

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