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Life with Chickens

I go out to pick blackberries at about 8pm. Four of the flock of five chickens come running for discards. No Gertrude. Now, Gertrude is my first chicken. I guess at this point she’s about 3 1/2, which is at … Continue reading

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The Rebound

It’s been far too long since I have offered any stories of my attempts at homesteading. I am vowing to begin to post again, and have created a facebook page for the homestead. In the mean time, here I am … Continue reading

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Been a while…

Been busy with the day-to-day of work, mostly. My home-based business is doing well, and in my rapidly dwindling spare time, I freelance as an artist, which has also been going well. I sold a trio of rabbits, and have … Continue reading

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Over it

This heat, I mean. I spent all weekend playing musical rabbits. Boobs and her babies are still indoors, but Buddy and the two boys who I am too much of a weenie to have processed yet are still outside. They … Continue reading

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What a night…

So early Wednesday evening, when I went to make sure everyone had water, Boobs was acting a bit…. off. I was afraid she was having heat exhaustion, and brought her inside. It wasn’t terribly hot at that point in the … Continue reading

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Well, Lucille must speak English. I told her yesterday, “You know, I’m a little worried with you only laying an egg every 5-6 days or so. Please don’t make me poke and prod you. You have ’til tomorrow to lay … Continue reading

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Tick tock

Lucille has until tomorrow to lay an egg, or else I do something drastic. And by “something drastic,” I mean figuring out what to do for an egg bound chicken. Which, to a chicken, is likely very drastic.

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I think it will be fun to tell some of the stories of my resident animals. I’ll start with Una, the One-Eyed Wonder Chinchillas (who also has her own Facebook Fan Page ). Una was originally sold to a family … Continue reading

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Well, the slaughter was the first hurdle. The second was whether or not I’d actually be able to eat an animal I raised. I had an early and light lunch, and roasting chicken always takes so much longer than I … Continue reading

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I did it

It was absolutely sweltering yesterday, but it was pretty much the only day I could arrange with my friends to slaughter the meat chickens. Everyone arrived at about 4:30. I paced around the house with my heart in my throat … Continue reading

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