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What a night…

So early Wednesday evening, when I went to make sure everyone had water, Boobs was acting a bit…. off. I was afraid she was having heat exhaustion, and brought her inside. It wasn’t terribly hot at that point in the … Continue reading

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Well, the slaughter was the first hurdle. The second was whether or not I’d actually be able to eat an animal I raised. I had an early and light lunch, and roasting chicken always takes so much longer than I … Continue reading

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I did it

It was absolutely sweltering yesterday, but it was pretty much the only day I could arrange with my friends to slaughter the meat chickens. Everyone arrived at about 4:30. I paced around the house with my heart in my throat … Continue reading

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Chicken update

So two and a half weeks ago, I got half a dozen cornish rocks who were, at the time, about a week and a half old. In addition, I also got another Easter egger chick and a cochin chick. I … Continue reading

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What a Day…

I did some errands this morning (and voted in the primary – go Ron Paul! ), and then returned home to clean Boobs’ (this is really what I’ve been calling momma rabbit lately) cage, clean the nest box since it’s … Continue reading

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So it begins…

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I feel bad…

…for Lucille’s butt. She laid this HUGE egg yesterday: One of her normal-sized eggs is on the right for comparison. She’s laid one double-yolker before, and this one is bigger than that! It’s about the size of a goose egg! … Continue reading

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Rabbits, finally!

My saga of attempting to get a pair of rabbits has gone on for about a year now. Originally, I set out looking for a pair of standard rex, but could only find breeders of mini rex. Then, I tried … Continue reading

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One of my sunflowers has bloomed. It’s so pretty. Next year, I’ll plant black oil sunflowers so I can feed the chickens and my future rabbits the seeds as treats. I hope everyone is having a lovely week.

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A little garden update

So far, all we’ve harvested was a single green bean. It was delicious, even though The Architect stole it from me after I’d only had a tiny nibble. I think I planted kind of late-ish, and for the first few … Continue reading

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