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Been a while…

Been busy with the day-to-day of work, mostly. My home-based business is doing well, and in my rapidly dwindling spare time, I freelance as an artist, which has also been going well. I sold a trio of rabbits, and have … Continue reading

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Over it

This heat, I mean. I spent all weekend playing musical rabbits. Boobs and her babies are still indoors, but Buddy and the two boys who I am too much of a weenie to have processed yet are still outside. They … Continue reading

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What a night…

So early Wednesday evening, when I went to make sure everyone had water, Boobs was acting a bit…. off. I was afraid she was having heat exhaustion, and brought her inside. It wasn’t terribly hot at that point in the … Continue reading

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My Comedy of Errors

My comedy of errors rarely quits. I awoke yesterday to Gertrude and the bunny brothers loose in the back yard. I figured this out before the dogs were let out, so there was minimal drama involved. Figuring it was just … Continue reading

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I am not thrilled with this ridiculous weather. I wanted to breed the rabbits again before the dead heat of summer, except it seems the dead heat of summer is just about upon me. The Architect and I moved the … Continue reading

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Rabbits day 18

Taken yesterday. Sometimes, I have a tremendous brain fart and cannot properly operate a camera. I apologize. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to eat these guys. I’ve been bad and have been playing with my food. … Continue reading

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What a Day…

I did some errands this morning (and voted in the primary – go Ron Paul! ), and then returned home to clean Boobs’ (this is really what I’ve been calling momma rabbit lately) cage, clean the nest box since it’s … Continue reading

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Baby rabbit update-

Taken yesterday.

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Official count…

…is three babies!

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Babies have arrived!

Babies arrived at noonish today. I tried to be good and leave them alone, but I went out to peek to see how many there might be, but they jumped and squawked and startled me. So I covered ‘em back … Continue reading

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