My Comedy of Errors

My comedy of errors rarely quits.

I awoke yesterday to Gertrude and the bunny brothers loose in the back yard. I figured this out before the dogs were let out, so there was minimal drama involved.

Figuring it was just a fluke – perhaps I forgot to completely latch the rabbit cage – I let the dogs out this morning without a second thought.

…and then I saw a white body in the grass.

I scrambled outside to attempt to round up the rabbits before the dogs noticed, or to grab the dogs if need be.

When I could only find one of the pair of bunny brothers, my heart sank. With no idea how long the cage had been open, the other rabbit could easily have made it to the road, or to a neighbors’ or just anywhere.

I retrieved the rabbits’ (ceramic) food dish from the cage and attempted to coax the solitary rabbit from beneath the porch.

Behind me came the thunderous elephant feet of Blaze. I looked up, and a white blur was fleeing before her. I got up to avoid being run over.

Blaze flew past me, attempted to skid to a stop, failed, flopped over, and then dove under the porch. The rabbits exited on the other side, and I caught Blaze and put her in the house.

Upon returning outside, I discovered that Blaze had crashed into that ceramic food dish, and that it positively EXPLODED.

I rounded up the rabbits, and fetched them a new dish from Tractor Supply.

I discovered that if the rabbits leaned on the cage door, the latch would slide backward. I had a spare carabiner, and have properly secured the rabbits.

…this was way too much excitement before caffeine.

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Now, I personally would have let a lawyer loose on this news agency.

That said, our hero was calm, cool, collected, and polite.

The editor, on the other hand, responded to a calm adult conversation by getting in this guy’s face?! Interesting how he immediately backed down once his wife(?) mentioned the camera.

Considering the editor’s hostility, I’m surprised he didn’t kick Mr. Lester out immediately. However, when he did, Mr. Lester claims to leave as soon as he was told to (WITH his money!).

As an artist and occasional writer, it’s my worst nightmare to have to deal with someone stealing my work. I’m glad this guy got his money.


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In 90 days…

…I should be down a few pounds.

The Architect and I began P90X tonight, and I can only move my hands to type.

We’re pretty much the laziest people on the planet, so when The Architect started making noise about P90X again, I jumped on it. While I won’t work out on my own, I’m happy to do it with a partner.

And in case of SHTF, we need to be able to move more than a mile or two without collapsing, especially if we’re carrying bug out bags.

So I’m a bit excited. I’m getting my blender tomorrow so I can jump back into making my green smoothies (and thus kicking most of those horrid white carbs back out of my diet), AND I’m working out some. Healthy Violet, here I come!

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I miss my blender…

…but another will arrive tomorrow.

I’m a big fan of green smoothies. It’s about the only way for me to eat my vegetables, since I’m so bad at it.

My $17 Hamilton Beach finally cried “uncle.” I’m sure too many carrots did it in.

So I’ve been eating mostly like crap this week, and it’s starting to take its toll. Too many carbs… Ugh.

I look forward to drinking my veggies again.

Here’s the recipe I use:

16oz water
1 c. kale
1 c. spinach
1 banana
1 medium carrot
1 c. mixed berries (I use a combo of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries)
1 tablespoon vanilla protein powder
a dab of honey
a dab of coconut oil

It’s quite tasty, and I feel so much better when I make those on the regular.

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Chicken update

So two and a half weeks ago, I got half a dozen cornish rocks who were, at the time, about a week and a half old.

In addition, I also got another Easter egger chick and a cochin chick. I desperately hope the EE keeps her little face tufts, because I would love to name her ‘Stache. I’ve already named the cochin Twinkle Toes.

The two laying chicks are still in the house, living in the lap of luxury. I’m sure they would probably be fine in the elements, but I’m afraid that the cornish rocks would run them over.

Because of our new additions, The Architect and I got some plastic poultry fence and built a little run around the coop that we already have.

And considering how ridiculously fast these meat mutants grow, it’ll probably be kind of tight quarters by the time butchering day rolls around in 4ish weeks, but once the meat birds are gone, it should be a decent space for four laying hens.

By then, we’ll have to disassemble the fencing and move everything so everyone can have fresh ground, but the fencing and the poles are light and easy to carry.

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Note to Self:

No more meat birds until you have a farm.


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Dreaming Again

I took the long way home from dropping off my best friend Crash at her house after we went grocery shopping together.

I took the long way home because there is a farm on a corner with sheep. This time of year, there are baby lambs all scampering here and there.

As I turned the corner and glimpsed the lambs bounding through the grass, I smiled, and said to myself, “Someday.”

…and a peace came over me that I desperately needed. Maybe my farm will come sooner rather than later. I certainly hope so.

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I am not thrilled with this ridiculous weather.

I wanted to breed the rabbits again before the dead heat of summer, except it seems the dead heat of summer is just about upon me.

The Architect and I moved the rabbit cages to the other side of the back deck, so the afternoon sun doesn’t beat on them so horribly. I’m still considering bringing Buddy inside during the heat of the day to try to avoid him going heat sterile.

The kits are about 3 and a half weeks old, and I’m hoping to wait ’til they’re about 6 weeks to rebreed Boobs again.

- – - -

My seedlings are doing well for the most part. None of my tomatoes have sprouted yet. I can’t remember how long it took last year. I’m still kicking myself for not having started my seeds earlier… :: sigh ::

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Rabbits day 18

Taken yesterday.

Sometimes, I have a tremendous brain fart and cannot properly operate a camera. I apologize.

I don’t know how I’m going to be able to eat these guys. I’ve been bad and have been playing with my food.

The Architect did have a good point – it took me a year and a 3.5 hour round trip to get their parents. Not too many people around here have meat rabbits, maybe I’ll be able to sell them.

Either eating them or selling them is fine with me. They’re earning a keep regardless.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, it will be above 80 degrees already. I’m not excited. I really don’t do well in the heat. I do worry a little about it being so hot already, as male rabbits go sterile in the heat. I want to have another litter before the summer, and I can’t breed Boobs again until these current guys are 6 weeks old.

I’m trying to look on the bright side of it – I won’t have to run my plant lights for the next few days, I’ll bring the seed tray outside for the sun and warmth.

And tomorrow both the dogs will receive a desperately-needed bath.

So how about you? What are you up to lately? Have a garden going?

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What a Day…

I did some errands this morning (and voted in the primary – go Ron Paul! :) ), and then returned home to clean Boobs’ (this is really what I’ve been calling momma rabbit lately) cage, clean the nest box since it’s getting kind of grody, and tend to my garden space.

The baby bunnies each have at least one eye open at this point. They’re awful cute.

I never properly cleared it out at the end of the growing season since I am the laziest person I know. So I spent some hours today raking away the pine needles, removing tattered tomato cages, and discarding skeletons of various plants.

Because the ground at that point was literally crawling, I set the chickens to eat some bugs and scratch around for me. They did some tilling and fertilizing while I took a nap in the grass.

I am beat.

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