The “Farm”

The Dogs
Logan, quite the momma’s boy, is the more serious and brooding of the Akita pair.  He absolutely adores women, but isn’t very fond of children.  He takes his job of protector very seriously.
Blaze is the joker, finding hilarity in just about everything in life.  She adores snuggling and playing with noise-making plushie toys.

The Cats
Saved from the streets some years ago by The Architect, Newt constantly has a love-hate relationship with Violet.  When she’s not out and about enjoying the outdoors, Newt’s favorite pasttime is finding new ways to torture and annoy Violet, followed by interrupting Violet’s work for snuggles.
Ivan was adopted from the local shelter in early summer of ’13. He is a hilarious terror, who trills more than he meows.

The Chinchillas
Violet used to breed and show chinchillas, but after embracing the “homesteading lifestyle,” she rehomed all of her breeding stock save for her favorites.
Mayvar and his son Taurus reside together.  Mayvar likes to tease the dogs, and Taurus likes to tease Violet, since he doesn’t like to be caught when loose.
Una the One-Eyed Wonder Chinchilla has quite a story.  She was originally bought by a family at a local PetSmart.  She began to have serious problems with one of her eyes, and the family returned her to the store.  Thankfully, the vet at the PetSmart was experienced with chinchillas and was able to safely remove Una’s ulcerated eye.  Violet’s best friend, Crash, heard about Una through the grapevine of the vets in PetSmart and adopted Una.  Violet volunteered to care for Una, and Una has been the most friendly of chinchillas ever since.

The Chickens
There are currently five resident hens on the Knights and Dreams homestead – Gertrude, the Buff Orpington; ‘Stache and Jemimah, the Easter-eggers; EDna-209 (RoboCop, anyone?), the Cochin; and Norma the Barred Rock.

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